Monday, June 30, 2008

My Favorite Vittorio J Necktie

As the lead designer of an up and coming necktie company, I frequently get asked which one of my ties is my favorite. Its a pretty easy question to answer considering I named this tie after my very own mother!

This tie is definitely the Cristina Tie. (It doesn't hurt that is one of the best selling Vittorio J ties out there.)

Checks, in my opinion, are the hardest ties to design. This one took me a whole month to perfect. The pattern itself is pretty simple but the color combo took forever to figure out.

I design ties on paper first before we put it on silk. Normally, there is only a 5% chance a design will be part of a collection but I knew immediately that this one was a winner. I just love the way the purples on this tie pop out. Looks especially great with my custom grey suit from Michael Andrews Bespoke.

This tie is sold out at the moment but I am planning to replenish my collection with this tie.
What do you all think? Love or hate?

Cristina Tie:

Jesse Chao Vittorio J Lead Designer

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VITTORIO J stands for Quality Craftsmanship, Innovative Design and Exclusivity. These are the three essential elements that guide each piece in our collection. Designed in New York with a European flair, every item is made by hand from the most luxurious natural materials under the strictest standards and limited to a small quantity. Some items are less than 2 per piece. Now that's exclusive! VITTORIO J's highly skilled design team creates and develops patterns that are original and innovative. VJ designs are bold but classy and represent our clientele, individuals with impeccable taste. Perfection drives us as we aim to redefine accessory and apparel design for the modern age. You will not mistake a Vittorio J pattern for anything else! VITTORIO J is lead by founder and lead designer, Jesse Chao. He is passionate about his work and is involved in every step of the process from start to finish. He is responsible for finding the finest craftsmen around the world to produce Vittorio J's distinct collection.