Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meeting with John Meadows of Lugo Tailored Lifestyle, NYC

I had the honor of meeting John Meadows, the owner of Lugo Tailored Lifestyle, this week in his Nolita, NYC store. He made quite an impression on me. John is one of the most energenic and professional business owners I have ever met. (I don't know anyone in the business that responds faster to emails than John.) His business background is mainly restaurants, including opening a new Lugo-based restaurant called Lugo Caffe this year.

I have been to Lugo a few times since it's opening last year. I admire the store's set-up, from the custom shirt cabinet to the spacing between mechandise on the walls and cabinets. The store feels surprisingly spacious for a boutique.

Lugo specializes in high quality shirts utilizing Italian tailoring. The store focuses on style, not fashion, by offering classic fabrics with a youthful cut.
The quality of Lugo's shirts are comparable, if not better, to any of the popular Italian names (Gucci, Borrelli, etc.). The collars come in two varieties - standard and wide spread. For the cuffs, Lugo offers both french cuff and button options. The shirt prices range from $175 to $250, a great value for high quality shirts.
John himself was wearing a simple tailor-fit blue suit and blue shirt combo. He had an aura of subtle confidence, just like the Lugo shirts he sells.
Lugo also sells a nice variety of accessories including ties, belts and pocket squares.

I originally approached John via email because I wanted to feature Lugo in my blog posts. I told him that I was interested in doing a "Lugo - Designed by Vittorio J" line of ties. He is open to this idea and I will be working on designs that suits his taste. I'm really excited about this so stay tuned!
Interested in more info on Lugo?
Please check the official Lugo website:
Visit the store: 246 Mott Street, New York, NY 10012
Tel 212-334-3335
Please click on this link for more photos of Lugo: Lugo Tailored Lifestyle
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